and data analysis

Solutions for

automating business processes

We make

great apps

  • Modular

    Modular and open units make a sound base for the future

  • Simple

    When it comes to user interface, we belive that less is more

  • Precise

    We take care of all bits and bytes of the development process

  • Adaptive

    Apps adapt to devices, we adapt to your goals

  • Clear code

    We produce maintainable and readable code

  • Documented

    Programmers using our code can know where we live

We focus on
& research.

We work in

Various technologies


Backend development

In most cases, we develop backend solutions using .NET (C#) and Java, but when high performance computing and parallelism are required we use Go.

UI and frontend development

We create UI for web apps in Angular 4/5/6 or Vue.js, for mobile apps in React native and if server side rendering is required we use ASP.NET MVC or Spring Boot.

Data analysis

When data needs to be prepared or machine learning model needs to be built, we prefare to use Python.

We have worked for different types of



Docolution GmbH
Hitra produkcija dokumentata
Omnizon networks
Omnizon networks
SV Group d.o.o.
SV Group


  • Afinitos d.o.o.

  • Headquarter: Jabukovac 1, Zagreb Croatia. Offices: Petračićeva 4 (HUB385), Zagreb.


  • OIB: 57696207015, VAT: HR57696207015

  • Registered at the Commercial Court in Zagreb, MBS 081138083, Tt-17/45584-4

  • Share capital: 20.000,00 HRK paid fully in money

  • IBAN: HR2623600001102657296